CS:GO Betting Tips


Skin Betting Vs. Real Money

Counter Strike Global Offensive has been raising its popularity along last years, especially in betting section. At the start it started from betting skins in csgolounge, but its moving towards real money betting. Betting CS:GO skins is not very profitable, even you win big pile of skins, you cant transfer them into real money even you put real money into your steam account. After your skins have been in CS:GO lounge for 21 days, them will be given away. Those are just few reasons why you should bet with real money instead.

Betting Tips

In CS:GO you should always follow you the team your gonna bet on is succeeding. We have collected a list of things you should keep eye on before betting on matches.

Keep eye on these factors

  • Follow player roster changes
  • Check odds against your team (Good/bad odds?)
  • Possible maps (Map knowledge is major thing to keep eye on.).
  • Team match history (Wins or losses?). Its good to bet against team which has an losing streak.
  • Good or bad team on pistol rounds? Affects suprisingly alot.
  • How they play as team, new players in team may affect